Antimicrobial formulations for polymers

MicroBlok® is used in appliances, medical devices and other consumer contact applications. MicroBlok® impedes the growth of bacteria on surfaces of products, greatly reducing stains, odors and product deterioration. MicroBlok® has undergone rigorous laboratory testing under ISO 22196:2011. The ISO test measures the growth of bacteria within a 24-hour period on the tested plastic substrates.

PCC’s MicroBlok® antimicrobial technologies are engineered into resins during our compounding process, eliminating the need for secondary steps. It’s a safe and sure way to deliver microbe-fighting products to your customers without any additional material modifications on your part.

How does MicroBlok® work?

The silver ions within MicroBlok® are dispersed uniformly throughout the polymer matrix. These silver ions create a large “internal” specific surface within the polymer and this creates an extremely high efficiency antimicrobial action. These silver ions are not depleted during the inhibition process, thus the antimicrobial effect of MicroBlok® is not diminished over time.


PCC’s MicroBlok® product line is custom-blended in a wide variety of resins including TPU, PC, ABS, PP and PE. MicroBlok® is appropriate for virtually any molding or extrusion application and can be custom-formulated for any special manufacturing process.

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