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Biodegradable products. SoluPur® with EcoPure® accelerates the biodegradation of traditional, petroleum-based plastic products in a biologically active landfill. When SoluPur with EcoPure is added (at approximately 1% in the finished part) during the manufacturing process, the product will biodegrade when disposed of in microbe-rich environments. EcoPure breaks down plastic into inert biomass, methane and carbon dioxide. The addition of SoluPur with EcoPure does not negatively affect the manufacturing process or the physical properties of plastics. ASTM D5511 tests prove that SoluPur with EcoPure-treated plastics biodegrade in a fraction of the time required by untreated polymers.

Are these solutions right for any operation?

SoluPur with EcoPure additives are compatible with various types of plastics, including the following: 
PE, PET, PP, PS, Nylon, PVC, EVOH, ABS, EVA, TPU, TPR and Polycarbonate.

SoluPLAs™ line of masterbatch additives and toners for polylactic acid (PLA). SoluPLAs makes this bioplastic polymer, derived from renewable resources such as corn, more useable and more accepted by the marketplace by improving clarity, UV protection qualities and reducing noise.

While there had been attempts to strengthen PLA with impact modifiers in the past, they were unsuccessful in producing an acceptable level of transparency. With SoluPLAs, the use of PLA, particularly in packaging, will help the industry to reduce dependence on petro-chemical based plastics. Our masterbatches also comply with food contact requirements in Europe and with room-temperature food contact requirements in the United States.


Recycled Color concentrates are made partially with post-consumer and industrial plastic content, or a more enviromentally-friendly carrier that provide manufacturers with a way to meet recycled plastic material requirements while protecting valuable natural resources. Offered in a variety of resin colorant types and wide range of colors, these new color concentrates are suitable for many applications including playground equipment, construction material, furniture, pallets, packaging, and house wares. The recycled plastic content of the concentrate formulations range from 25 percent to 82 percent, depending on their color. PCC is dedicated to helping you meet your sustainability goals and those required by your customers.

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Plastics Environmental Council
PCC is proud of our affiliation with the Plastics Environmental Council and its efforts to educate the marketplace about biodegradability and other plastics end-of-life environmental considerations.